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When charged with logistics, we stick to this discount patterns:

  1. A fixed price for 1st container
  2. 10% off for 2nd, 3rd and any more containers
  3. Extra 10% off the base price if the goods are of the same type or the current order is not the first one for the same supplier

flat fee for inspections

When charging for an all-inclusive* service, we do not charge extra if an additional inspection is required**

* Restrictions apply- sourcing, placing order, preliminary visit, QTY inspection, logistics

** Restrictions apply

  1. Free of charge is the 1st day only. Should situation require to stay at the production site longer, a we charge fee 100USD per day.

best effort fee & success fee

In some cases the task is impossible - a supplier with good price is not available. In cases like this we can see wisdom in the below solution for our service fees. Usually I split my fees into 3 parts. Note, that the fees can be negotiable.

  1. 50% best effort fee

    Pre-paid or paid on discretion of the client.
  2. 25% completion fee

    Upon delivering my report - even if the task was not completed successfully. This is to allow me to receive some payment for an impossible task. For instance, my research would result with a conclusion that none out of 3-4 companies would make a good supplier for you.
  3. 25% success fee

    At discretion of the client (who could choose to compensate my effort) or upon delivering the expected result.

Travel & accomodation fees are PREPAIND ONLY

This is our solution for risk management.

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Examples & pricing

Each case is different. We adjust to your budget guided by common sense and gentlemen' conversation. To see how it works, check our service fees.