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Selecting most promising suppliers


Placing the order


Research on suppliers before deposit payment


Production run supervision


Post-production inspections


Logistics supervision - air & sea


Emergency mediations in difficult cases

It is a rare case when the product is 100% flawless. In case of sourcing from China, the sad fact is that almost all importers sooner or later lose a lot of capital on misunderstandings and quality issues.

Our long experience makes us a solution to reduce the loses in the most optimal way. This is the special ability which we are proud of.

Tutoring on Chinese business etiquette and customs

The best strategy in china sourcing is pre-emption. Our M.O. is to fully understand the mentality and working environment of the sales managers and bosses of the Chinese sounterpart.

Oferujemy regularne lub nakierowane zadaniowo szkolenia bądź "korepetycje", które umożliwią zbudowanie świdomości sytuacyjnej, to znaczy zrozumienie tego, czego i kiedy można spodziewać się po chińskim partnerze w biznesie.

Non-standard serviecs tailored to your needs

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Examples & pricing

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